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    Talking Stories not talking?

    Many times when we visit schools, teachers tell us that there is no sound on the computers.  This is a terrible situation!  Nobody wants Talking Stories that can’t talk!!

    If you have a problem with sound in your computer lab, do a few simple checks:

    1. Check whether the sound has been switched off.  Click on the small ’speaker’ icon on the bottom right hand side of the screen, next to the time display.
       Drag the volume to maximum.  Make sure that the ‘mute’ box hasn’t been selected.  If it has, click on it again to deselect it.  You can tell whether the mute button has been clicked, just by looking at the screen – if it has been muted, the speaker icon will have a red line through it.
    2. Right click on the same speaker icon and drag all the settings to maximum.
    3. Make sure that the headphones are plugged in, and make sure that it’s your workstation they are plugged into!  Also make sure that they are plugged into the green headphone socket on the computer (not the pink microphone socket).  In a Khanya lab a small splitter will be plugged into the socket – it looks like this:
      The splitter enables you to plug two sets of headphones into one socket (like a double adapter) so that two children can listen at one workstation.  Splitting the sound unfortunately reduces the volume a bit, so make sure your volume setting is always at maximum.
    4. Check the volume control on the cord of the headphones:
       Make sure that it is set to maximum and not minimum – sometimes it’s hard to see!

    Try these simple checks before you call the technician.  Nine times out of ten you will solve the problem!

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