Random Post: Term 4, Week 6
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    Term 1, Week 5

    Level 1

    In the classroom this week you will continue teaching the alphabet, doing one letter each day.  Start on Monday with the letter ‘k’.  By Friday you will have got up to the letter ‘o’.  Click HERE.

    Send worksheets home to encourage parents to help with teaching each alphabet sound! Click on the days of the week to find a selection of pages for each alphabet sound:
    Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday

    In the computer lab this week:

      Talking Story – Level 1 Beginner, “Sweets.”

    Level 2

    In the classroom this week: Revise Capital letters.  Here are some super alphabet dominoes that make easy work of capital letters:
    Dominoes 1
    Dominoes 2
    Dominoes 3

    Also revise the last set of Level 1 key words.  It’s very important that children cut these up and learn to read each one individually.
    Level 1, List 3 

    Homework: Continue revising the alphabet.  Here are some worksheets for the letters k, l, m, n, o:
    Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday

    In the computer lab this week:

       Talking Story – Level 2 Core, “Mom gets cross.”

    Level 3

    In the classroom this week you will be revising more key words that your children should be able to read by now. 
    Level 2, List 1 

    Homework this week is to learn to read this week’s list of key words that you have revised in class.  Use these key words for a spelling test on Friday. 

    In the computer lab this week: 
       Talking Story – Level 3 Beginner, “Can I play with you?”

    40 Responses to “Term 1, Week 5”

    1. kathy says:

      Today we have a box of chocolates to award! Marion, you posted your comment in the wrong place (Term 1, Week 1) but I’m delighted to see that you are using this blog as a weekly resource – not just when Audrey and Anthony are at your school.

      Please let us know which school you’re at and we’ll deliver your chocolates very soon…

    2. Rene Jacobs says:

      We are so exited to use this blog-I found so many activities to use…..THANK YOU!!!

    3. Well done with an exiting usable blog for hard working educator!!!!!

    4. Rona says:

      Have not as yet used it in the classroom as I am still busy doing training. Very interesting program.

    5. wendy says:

      I like to use talking stories. My learners really enjoyed it. Thanks.

    6. oral says:

      I thourally loved working from the blog. Boy, you must be quite busy. Would love it if you find some more activities. Thanks, it really helps.

    7. It was informative and interesting.

    8. Talking stories has been very helpful in the class. The children enjoy using talking stories.

    9. Allison says:

      Talking stories looks like a very interesting programme. It is a programme that the learners will enjoy! Thanks for the ideas.

    10. Bonita says:

      a fantasic and exciting program

    11. Maree Corker says:

      I’ve been looking at everything you have to offer and it looks good. Hoping to use it as soon as possible in my Gr 7 class. You’ll be surprised at how well it will work with some of the learners who are still struggling to read.

    12. vbailey says:

      It looks very interesting. If one could use it correctly, I am sure the learners will find it veryhelpful and it will definately improve the literacy level of every learner.

    13. Erna Jansen says:

      The learners are enjoying the programme very much. they look forward to their periods and can not wait to get to the lab.

    14. Thank you for this great programme!The learners really enjoy the lessons and look forward to the next lesson, even the weaker readers.

    15. lvanzyl. says:

      need more afrikaans stories intermediate phase.

    16. Nashieta Abrahams says:

      All the activities looked interesting and child friendly eventhough, the information was overwhelming to absorb all at once. Hoping to learn more with each lesson and regular use!!!
      Thanks for the program.

    17. marilyn says:

      Hi Kathy. I’m very interested in talking stories. However, i feel that Audrey’s accent makes it very difficult to understand what is required. Perhaps she should slow down a bit and focus. She is very helpful. i dont mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. we basically working our way through talking stories and find it useful to use with our learners. thanks for a wonderful program

    18. Very Impressive!!! The children thoroughly enjoy it … and so do I! Looking forward to weekly khanya lessons and hopefully ever increasing literacy scores!

    19. Sadick says:

      The introduction to appears to be hands on and assist the weaker readers

    20. Thanks for user friendly worksheets. Well done Audrey

    21. mariam says:

      Very interesting!

    22. Kulsum says:

      Looking forward to more training.Excited to apply in classroom.

    23. Very impressive. The four steps to success are very helpful. I will definitely send the Ten Tips to the parents. My learners are already covering the books that they will take home for reading.

    24. Talking Stories is a grand way to install knoledge in an empty brain.

    25. mariam says:

      Enjoyed the workshop with Audrey! All the activities are child friendly.

    26. Fawzia Damon says:

      Very interesting. My learners enjoy reading the stories and complete the activities. An excellent programme.

    27. It took much concentration to focus on the talking stories workshop after school. We were very challenged by being taught by someone with a french accent. I look forward to introducing my learners to the karaoke -style stories (Jack’s first day) where the words appear on the screen and the sounds are heard via the headphones.

    28. Rochan says:

      Enjoyed all activities presented.Thanx to Audrey and Anthony

    29. Learners did talking stories for the first time today and were very excited and enjoyed it.Thank You Kathy!

    30. ranisha says:

      very interesting will definately helo the learners who is struggling with reading .
      The letter to the parents is also a great idea. Thanks to Audrey and Anthony for the help and support.

    31. I’m very impressed.Looking forward to using it.BUT…Such a pity we dont have the interactive whiteboard yet.

    32. Sadick says:

      Talking Stories is hands on and will help the weaker reader

    33. denise says:

      Hi Kathy, ek het my terdee geniet. Vir die 2 uur het ek baie geleer. Iets om voor uit te sien. Baie genotvol, interessant, en leersaam.

    34. mary-ann says:

      Hi Kath! Wat `n produktiewe agtermiddag. Dit was baie leersaam en ons het dit baie interessant gevind.

    35. Cecelia says:

      Helo Kathy,interesting activities after each story.
      I enjoyed it and can’t wait to do it with my class.

    36. Heather says:

      Hi Kathy! Talking stories will be a big help for my daughter. I like Audrey’s voice, it is so calming!

    37. Faika Johaar says:

      Talking Stories is a very interesting programme. I”m sure all the learners will benifit from it.

    38. nadiah says:

      thank you. Looking forward to next week.

    39. Lai Highnote says:

      Hi Lai Highnote right here, I’d been looking for info regarding Talking Stories » Blog Archive » Term 1, Week 5 in google. So lucky to have found http://www.radicallearning.co.za/talkingstories/?p=215 to understand about this information. Saved myself a ton of energy, thanks!.

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