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    Interactive Alphabet

    Are you one of the lucky teachers with an interactive whiteboard in your classroom?  I just LOVE this interactive alphabet  – I can think of SO many ways to use it with Foundation Phase learners:

    When you click on the star on each letter, it gets hidden.  Click again and the letter re-appears.  You can drag letters onto the centre of the screen to make words.

    1. You could use this for basic word building.  Children could guess the missing letters.  What I like about this activity is that it is ”bomb-proof” – a group of learners can work on their own at the whiteboard, building words and asking their friends to guess the missing letters.
    2. You can use this alphabet resource to teach spelling, and to do some “look, cover, write, check” reinforcement work before Friday’s spelling test.  (Have you picked up that I’m a fan of spelling tests?  One day I’ll write a blog on spelling…)
    3. You can use the alphabet to teach plurals; or past tense; or aphabetical order (hide all the letters and ask a child to tell you the ninth letter of the alphabet – then click to check).
    4. Children can practice writing their full names.
    5. Use it to play hangman.
    6. Use it to teach the difference between vowels and conosonants, and the role played by vowels in word-building…. (Can anyone think of a word without vowels in it???)

    What other ways can you use this resource with your children?  Share your ideas by adding a comment to this blog.

    3 Responses to “Interactive Alphabet”

    1. craig says:

      My daughter recently started grade 1, so now Mom and Dad have to keep abreast of all the homework which “the teacher said must be pracised.” I found this site to be very exciting and useful for developing spelling skills. Thanks for the idea. Keep sending more.

    2. Mohamed Abdel Rasoul says:

      I have come acrossthis website through websearch.
      Actually I can’t say a word about it so far. It seems promising and appealing I hope

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