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    Term 3, Week 6

    Level 1

    In the classroom this week: It’s time to assess alphabet sounds again! Assess these individually with each child. This is the third and final assessment of letter sounds. Send home a copy of the assessment.

    In the computer lab this week:

    Talking Story – Level 1 Intermediate, “Houses”.

    Level 2

    In the classroom this week: Encourage children to write and talk about a time when they have visited the doctor or clinic.  Use this week’s Talking Story as a starting point.  Then divide children into small groups and give them an opportunity to talk about their own visit to the doctor/clinic.  Finally, ask children to sit quietly at their desks and write about their experiences.  Your children may still be struggling to write independently at this stage.  Give them lots of warm encouragement – it’s so important for them to learn this skill of independent writing, rather than copying sentences from the board.

    In the computer lab this week:

    Talking Story – Level 2 Intermediate, “A busy day at the clinic”.

    Level 3

    In the classroom this week: Do any of your children have relatives who work night shifts?  Use the Talking Story to encourage discussion about different types of work, including those jobs which must be done at night.  Follow this with a writing activity – e.g. about the type of work they would like to do when they grow up.  It’s really important to encourage creative writing opportunities every week!

    In the computer lab this week: 

    Talking Story – Level 3 Intermediate, “They work at night.”

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