Random Post: Term 4, Week 9
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    Term 4, Week 2

    Level 1

    In the classroom this week: Learn to read this term’s key words. 

    Don’t forget to keep revising alphabet sounds for those children who haven’t yet mastered these.  Here’s a LOTTO GAME you can print out and play with your children.  Make enough copies for everyone to have their own sheet Then play in groups.  It’s a great way for little ones to practice matching and saying alphabet sounds.

    In the computer lab this week:

    Talking Story – Level 1 Advanced, “The beetle and the butterfly” continued.

    This week’s talking story is about two tiny animals.  See if you can name all the animals in this activity: Animal Names
    Drag the name onto the picture.  If you get it right, the name will turn green.

    The theme of our Talking Story this week is that we can all do something well.  Here is another Talking Story with the same theme:
    I Can Do That, Said Jack  Use it for whole class story time – with computer, data projector or interactive whiteboard.

    Level 2

    In the classroom this week: If you have an interactive whiteboard, then use the video below to reinforce alphabet sounds this week.  Your children will love to sing along!  This week you should also carefully work through this term’s new key words with your children.  Ensure they are learning to read them at home too!


    In the computer lab this week:

    Talking Story – Level 2 Advanced, “Lost!” continued.

    Here’s another interactive story about getting lost:
    And here’s some useful practical advice to share with your class:

    Level 3

    In the classroom this week: This week you need to go through all of this term’s key words with your class.  Also, start making a weather chart, to tie in with your Talking Story.  You will find an excellent template in the printable activity that comes with the Talking Story.

    In the computer lab this week: 

    Talking Story – Level 3 Advanced, “Weather”. Continued.

    Here’s another great interactive weather story to enjoy.  It’s particularly good to use on an interactive whiteboard, where children can join in…. But it can be used on any other computer too:

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