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    Mexican Wave in South African education

    Have you ever wondered how a Mexican Wave starts? 

    Someone, somewhere, needs to take the initiative and persuade people around them to join in.  Apparently 25 people is the critical mass needed to start a Mexican Wave.  Once the wave starts, we all join in… but only a few of us have the courage to stand up and make it start.  Perhaps the rest of us fear exposure or failure or looking silly…

    I wonder if it’s like that with everything in life?  What will it take to turn around our failing education system in South Africa?  How many of us need to stand up and say, “I’m committed to doing my best to serve the needs of our children.”  If a large enough group of teachers was prepared to stand together and produce excellent lessons and share resources and refuse to give up against all odds, could we actually produce a Mexican Wave in education?  Could we produce startlingly good results that would encourage others around us to join in? 

    What would it take for us to get those good results in circumstances that are far from ideal?  Certainly it would require standing up in front of others, at the risk of looking silly or failing.  But imagine how powerful it would be if we could create a revolutionary wave of optimistic learning expectations; a wave that swept around our country and lifted children and teachers from despair to hope for the future!

    At present only half the children who start school make it all the way to matric, and only 60% of those pass their matric exams.  Can you and I make a difference, or is this an unrealistic dream?

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