Random Post: Term 1, Week 6
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    Key Words

    The high frequency words of the English language are those words which occur in print more often than any other words.  If we’re teaching children to read, it makes sense to focus strongly on these words at the beginning.  This will help them to recognise more words on any page of text in a children’s story.

    I have divided the high frequency words into several lists (see below).  As soon as children have mastered the alphabet they can learn to recognise and read whole words.  The Talking Stories PLANNING (see tab at the top) will tell you exactly when to send home each list, and when to assess whether children can read the words:

    Level 1, List 1
    Level 1, List 2
    Level 1, List 3
    Key words Assessment Level 1 lists 1-3

    Level 2, List 1
    Level 2, List 2
    Level 2, List 3
    Level 2, List 4
    Key Words Assessment Level 2 Lists 1-4

    Level 3, List 1
    Level 3, List 2
    Level 3, List 3
    Key Words Assessment Level 3 Lists 1-3