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    Term 4, Week 4

    October 23rd, 2010

    Level 1

    In the classroom this week: Have you ever played BINGO?  This is a brilliant game, enjoyed by children and adults around the world.  I have made a special version for you, using all the Level 1 key words, and with enough unique player cards for your whole class to play at once.  Use this game throughout the fourth term, for fun key word revision.  Click on the link below to print out everything you need:

    In the computer lab this week:

    Talking Story – Level 1 Advanced, “In, out, over and under” continued.

    Level 2

    In the classroom this week: In this week’s Talking Story we learn about adjectives.  If you have a data projector or interactive whiteboard in your classroom, you can use this super presentation as part of your lesson: ADJECTIVES

    In the computer lab this week:

    Talking Story – Level 2 Advanced, “Big machines” continued.

    Level 3

    In the classroom this week: Recycling is a topic that is addressed in this week’s Talking Story.  Have a look at this VUVUZELA RECYCLING COMPETITION.  You will find some incredible ideas for re-using these proudly South African items!  Share these innovative ideas with your children.  Then why don’t you set up your own competition in class?  Children are far more creative and inventive than the average adult… and you will be strongly re-inforcing the message of this week’s book.

    In the computer lab this week: 

    Talking Story – Level 3 Advanced, “Pick it up!” continued.