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    November 25th, 2010

    Reading and Fun Activities

    If your children have access to the internet at home or school, they might like to try some of these literacy activities:

    A Christmas Carol 

    Black and white front cover with main characters
    This 10-page story can be read online or it can be printed out and  made into a book.  Each page has a picture to colour.

    Anancy and the Christmas Plant

    Anancy sitting in a tree

    This is a nine-page story with colourful pictures and accompanying text.  Find out what Anancy, the spider man, decides to sell at the village market.

    Smilebox :)

    November 15th, 2010

    This weekend I discovered Smilebox!  While our children danced the night away at their matric dance, we parents (excitedly? nervously?) sat in front of our computers checking Facebook for regular uploads of photos.  In between Facebook updates (Teenagers don’t use Twitter!) I found a wonderful online photograph album, complete with turning pages and your choice of background music.  You can also create scrapbooks, recipe books, calendars, slideshows etc.  Have a look at this one I made at 2am… it was very quick and easy.

    Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook
    Create your own scrapbook - Powered by Smilebox
    Personalize a scrapbook

    With plenty of year-end events coming up at school, why not put all your school photos into Smilebox and create a super-professional presentation for parents and children!

    Football World Cup 2010 Resources #5

    June 4th, 2010

    I think this is the best World Cup 2010

     resource I’ve given you so far!

    Have a look at these 8 mini-books that you can make, one for each of the country groups in the 2010 World Cup.  Kids can colour the country flags in each group, read snippets of World Cup history, read facts about South Africa, as well as fun South African words to teach foreigners!

    Each book has 8 pages and is made from a single sheet of A4 paper.  The clever folding, with one cut, enables you to make a neat book that doesn’t fall apart.  You can also download the folding instructions:

    Mini-Book 1
    Mini-Book 2
    Mini-Book 3
    Mini-Book 4
    Mini-Book 5
    Mini-Book 6
    Mini-Book 7
    Mini-Book 8
    Folding Instructions