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    Term 2, Week 3

    April 26th, 2010

    Level 1

    In the classroom this week: We focus on capital letters.  Your children will already have seen capital letters in their names, and some children will have begun to recognise other capital letters as well.  Now is the time to do some alphabet revision, this time encouraging children to recognise and write the capital letters.  Here is a worksheet you can use:

    If you have an interactive whiteboard in your classroom, then use this fun resource to supplement this week’s Talking Story:
    School Number Story

    In the computer lab this week: Continue with:

      Talking Story – Level 1 Beginner, “Sara’s school.”

    Level 2

    In the classroom this week: Introduce the concepts of past, present and future tense.
    Here’s a simple interactive quiz about past, present and future tense (to supplement the Talking Story activity on tenses).

    Enjoy four of Aesop’s Fables on your interactive whiteboard, and teach children the moral of each story!

    In the computer lab this week: Continue with:

        Talking Story – Level 2 Beginner, “Sometimes.”

    Level 3

    In the classroom this week: Your children should now be writing in short sentences.  It’s a good time to do some work on capital letters and fullstops.  These resources work particularly well on an interactive whiteboard:
    Starter Activity Part 1
    Starter Activity Part 2
    Main Session
    Capital Letters and Full Stops Worksheet

    In the computer lab this week: Continue with:

    Talking Story – Level 3 Beginner, “Who is making that noise?”